Accessible Properties is New Zealand’s largest non-government registered and accredited community housing provider. They operate nationwide, managing more than 2700 properties around the country. Accessible Properties provide good quality, affordable homes and property management services to people with disabilities, older people, those on low incomes, and the organisations that support them.

Accessible Properties is a profit-for-purpose, charitable organisation, wholly owned by IHC New Zealand that has been in housing for more than 60 years.

A Place To Belong And Thrive

Accessible Properties know what a difference a good home makes. They are a social and disability housing provider committed to providing housing that meets tenants’ needs and tenancy services that support long-term successful inclusive living in a community.

They care about people and their right to a good life. Accessible Properties believe that the quality of the homes that they provide should be fit for purpose, warm, dry, safe, secure and in a well-functioning community. This is fundamental to people’s wellbeing and their life chances.

Accessible Properties are continually looking to match their tenants with the homes that will suit them best. They use their expertise to build and modify homes for an aging population, people with disabilities and can accommodate changing housing needs.

Accessible Properties aims to help their tenants feel settled in their homes and more connected with their community. They are interested in the communities in which their houses are located, their tenants and their families’ access to services, and their opportunities to be included and participate in the communities in which they live in. Accessible Properties will engage with their tenants as appropriate to ensure that they are able to access support services such as, budgeting and financial assistance, employment support, mental health and disability services.

Accessible Properties are focused on achieving the best outcomes for their tenants. This goes well beyond the interests of a private landlord or property investor. For many people they provide hope in the form of a warm, dry, secure home that enables people to stabilise this aspect of their lives and build a platform for their future.

Accessible Properties is a proud member of the IHC Group of charities.

They continue to have a strong expertise in disability housing with many of their tenants throughout the Accessible Properties and IHC portfolios having a physical or intellectual disability or mobility issues requiring accessible properties or modifications.

Their Core Beliefs

As part of the IHC Group their core beliefs align. They believe in people:

  • being treated with respect and dignity
  • having a say in their lives
  • living, learning, working and enjoying life as part of a community
  • having support to meet their goals and aspirations
  • being part of a family
Region: Auckland


Monday : 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Tuesday : 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Wednesday : 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Thursday : 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Friday : 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Saturday : Closed

Sunday : Closed

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Your feedback and contribution is important to us. Tell us how we can improve the Future Ready website for you.