Autism New Zealand provides services and support, education and information on autism for autistic people and family/whānau, caregivers, and professionals who engage with them.

Autism New Zealand works to:

Support autistic people and those who make up their support network – who want active assistance – in a collaborative way that helps them and their community, including liaising with other agencies on their behalf.

Educate individuals, families/whānau, professionals and other interested parties about autism, by providing a range of evidence-based, tailored courses that offer practical strategies, tools and information to manage effectively for the best outcomes.

Inform individuals, families/whānau, professionals and the wider public about autism via a variety of mediums including social media, websites, newsletters and resources as well as distributing the latest information and research relating to autism.

Advocate for autistic people by providing submissions on relevant legislation and providing comments on government policy relating to autism and raising awareness of autism to promote inclusive behaviours in society.

  • Outreach Services
    • 16 Hubs Nationwide.
    • Provide Support, Education and Information on autism
    • Links you to local supports
    • Free for autistic people, parents/family/whānau and their support networks (including educators and professionals)
  • Autism Resource Centre
    • Access a range of diagnostic and support services
    • Hire rooms
    • Custom-made space for Autistic people
  • Diagnostic Service
    • A lower-cost private option to access autism assessment and diagnosis
  • Employment and Transition Services
    • Includes:
      • Identification of realistic career options
      • Creation of a step-by-step plan to gain employment
      • Creation of a targeted CV and cover letters
      • Practical job search skills
      • Assistance in making the first approach to employers
      • Interview practice and interview support
      • Job-coaching
      • Autism awareness training for employers of participants in the service
      • In work support for those already in the workplace who may be having difficulties in their job.
    • Eligibility requirements:
      • NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident
      • Aged between 16-65
      • Have a WINZ Client Number
      • Willingness to work at least 5 hours per week in a mainstream workplace
  • Police Employment Opportunity
    • Autism NZ and the New Zealand Police have partnered to provide a Neurodivergence Programme that seeks to help Autistic people into jobs.
  • Autism Connect
    • Online access to information, and support.
    • Connect the community to free, real-time events, such as educational programmes and social events.
    • Connect with like-minded individuals.
    • Create/Join video events.
Region: Wellington
Autism NZ


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Your feedback and contribution is important to us. Tell us how we can improve the Future Ready website for you.

Your feedback and contribution is important to us. Tell us how we can improve the Future Ready website for you.