• Hauora: Deaf Aotearoa’s Hauora service is a nationwide service that understands and responds to Deaf and hard-of-hearing people’s needs.
    • Needs assessment and coordination
      • Assistance accessing other services
      • housing/tenancy services
      • Finance/Work and Income Support
      • Help learning and using NZ Relay, Vi, NZSL interpreters
    • Applications for assistive equipment
      • Deaf Aotearoa works with the government and other services to help you with what you need.
    • Information and Advice
  • Employment: Deaf Aotearoa’s Employment service is a nationwide service focused on getting Deaf and hard-of-hearing people into successful employment.
    • Support to get a job
      • job seeking
      • apply for Workbridge funding
      • ensuring NZSL interpreters are provided at job interviews and in the workplace
      • assistance in upskilling to reach goals
      • looking at study and training options
      • researching funding options
    • Support to remain in your job
    • Support for employers
      • information and training on Deaf awareness and NZSL
      • information on funding sources for NZSL interpreters in the workplace
  • Access Centres: Facilitators in areas where there are no permanent Deaf Aotearoa
    • Opportunities to have a chat and to meet other Deaf people
    • Free information and support services
    • Advice
    • Translation support - help reading and understanding letters, forms etc
    • Generating new ideas for ACE Workshops
    • Information about Deaf Aotearoa's services
    • Information about assistive equipment for Deaf/hard of hearing
  • ACE Workshops:
    • Various workshops free to those who are Deaf/Hard of hearing
  • First Signs: A nationwide Deaf Aotearoa service for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children aged 0-5, supporting families and whānau.
    • Support to learn New Zealand Sign Language
    • Support with Language development
      • by working with Advisors on Deaf Children (AODC), and other professionals involved with your family (e.g. cochlear implant programme, audiologists, Deaf Education Center staff)
    • Learning about being Deaf/hard of hearing in Aotearoa
    • Connections with other families and Deaf role models
    • Supports the transition to ECE and/or School
  • Youth Services: Deaf Aotearoa’s Youth (ages 6-18) service develops the potential of Deaf and hard-of-hearing youth as individuals and as a group. They provide:
    • a transition programme to guide young people into work or study
    • a youth intern programme
    • activities to develop strong Deaf identities and leadership skills
    • Links to other services, organisations, social links and scholarships/funding available to youth.
  • iSign enables access and participation for Deaf people by providing professional and confidential New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreting services.
  • A variety of resources are available to assist those who are Deaf/Hard of hearing, know someone who is, or just want to learn more about Deaf or hard of hearing people, culture and learn sign language.
  • They offer a translation service for information and services


This Service is based in Canterbury, but also provides support to the West Coast. They do have an office in Christchurch if you would like to go in person.

Region: West Coast
Access Needs: Hearing
Deaf Aotearoa


Monday 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Tuesday 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Wednesday 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Thursday 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Friday by appointment only
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Your feedback and contribution is important to us. Tell us how we can improve the Future Ready website for you.

Your feedback and contribution is important to us. Tell us how we can improve the Future Ready website for you.